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Psychic and Tarot Card Reading

Have you ever wondered ....

Is there more to this Life,

How can I find more meaning or purpose in my daily existence,

can I become more successful and really achieve my goals and ambitions?  Life contains drama for most people at one time or another, relationships begin or end, careers can progress or decline and fortunes can boom or bust without warning, Life evolves and circumstances change, the ability to make the right choices In The Moment can mean the difference between Success and Failure

Many times one does not always find the insight clarity or vision to make clear informed decisions and reach the best possible outcomes, decisions made in the heat of the moment can turn out less favorable than ones born from Clarity and Foresight, this is where I usually come in to help find that clarity and direction for clients through Intuitive Spiritual Guideance and Direction to help make the best possible Life Choices through informed and guided decision making using my abilities as an Intuitive Spiritual Life Adviser

The Answer Is Here!

Intuitive Spiritual Meditation

You have found Your Spiritual Solution

Doreen is an Intuitive Spiritual Life Adviser and Psychic with more than 30 years experience as a Professional Spiritualist, Born raised and based in Central Louisiana USA, She has been in practice for more than 30 years and uses her gifts of insight and vision to help others through her abilities and knowledge as an Intuitive and Adviser

No matter what your issues may be, there is help available to you through her gifted abilities to guide and direct those who have become disconnected from their true purpose and destiny or are bogged down with negativity and lack of opportunity to succeed in life, specializing in Love and Relationship, Business and Career issues she has helped countless couples to solid and lasting relationships, has helped clients find their true soul mates and life partners, assisted to rebuild failing businesses or careers.

She is able through her gifted abilities she has used from an early age to help guide others onto the right path in life concerning Love, Finances, Business, Marriage, Health, and many other Issues. With over 30 years experience as an Intuitive Spiritualist Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Psychic Love Specialist, She uses her skills and abilities provide her clients with detailed in depth and accurate information to help find the right solutions .

She Specializes in Spiritual Health  matters to remove restore strengthen and re balance your spirit from Negativity, Blockages, Black Magic, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Root Work, Curses, Spells, Hexes, Attachments and more, She can help Break and Overcome anything that has been Performed against you through Spiritual Intervention and dispossession to rebalance you Spiritually 

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rebuild and repair broken relationships

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Doreen Provides Intuitive and detailed Business Guidance to help achieve successful business goals and development through Informed direction making and guideance that leads to breakthough and success, all Guidance is provided under the strictest confidence.

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Spiritual Cleansing / Olimpiad

Spiritual Cleansing through Sage Smudging and incantations

Spiritual Cleansing is a process of removing negative Influence and dark Energies that may be affecting one's ability to progress through life and achieve success in Love, Career, Business and Finances

Crystal Energy Cleansing and Spiritual Healing

Crystal Energy Healing and Protections

Crystals are used in conjunction with spiritual energy to maintain a clear spiritual boundary around a person and to draw negative energies out and away

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Classic Palm Reading Services

Palm Reading and Psychic Services

The Lines in a persons Palm can show their true life's destiny and pathway from early life to old age, and can unlock information about one's future as well as ones past and aid greatly in making those all important life choices

Crystal Energy Meditations

Guided Spiritual Meditation and Cleansing

This is one of our most Highly sort after services and one that can make a huge impact on a persons ability to deal with a variety of Life Situations, The Crystal Energy Meditation will renew your spiritual energies and provide the balance to deal with even the most difficult situations in life

The Tarot Cards Reading

Tarot Card Reading

Perhaps our most popular Reading, The Tarot can unlock the mysteries surrounding ones life and provide the Answers to situations that otherwise may have no  clear solution. the accuracy of these readings is very high and will bring clarity to your questions 

Reuniting Lovers

Reunite Lost Loves Relationship Specialist

I am a Relationship Specialist and have helped to restore countless relationships and Marriages that had fallen into difficulties for a variety of reasons, I have the ability to reunite lost loves and help you build a lasting relationship

Spiritual Cleansing Kits

PSYCHIC REALM Spiritual Cleansing Kits

Spiritual Cleansing Kits are available for clients to conduct their own personal Spiritual Cleansing of People, Places and Objects and consist of Hand Selected Items I use personally when Conducting Spiritual Cleansing Rituals and Banishments, Kits are specifically assembled for Individual Client Needs and may contain items as Jerusalem Incense, Frankincense, Asafoetida, Blessed Anointing Oils, Hand Made Candles, Blessed and Energized Healing Salts, etc prices range from $45.00 for basic Kits to $75.00 for Larger advanced kits

Spiritual Cleaning Kit, Banishing malevolent energies

Spiritual Cleaning Kit, Banishing malevolent energies

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Video Demonstration of Crystal Energy Meditation

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Privacy Policy

All Readings are given in the strictest confidence, no information is passed on to third parties for any purposes whatsoever. information such as billing details, names addresses personal and Private are dealt with in the strictest confidence.